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5 Best Casinos in France

France currently has 197 casinos on its territory. Four major groups share these gaming establishments which participate in the animation and the financing of...

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5 Best Casinos in France

France currently has 197 casinos on its territory. Four major groups share these gaming establishments which participate in the animation and the financing of the municipalities in which they are established and in which more than 18.000 people are salaried. “France-Soir” presents this week 5 casinos de France. Although France attracts tourists for other reasons than gambling, 197 netent casinos are operating on French territory. If they are mainly distributed on the coast, it is because of the law of 1907 which authorized only the seaside resorts, thermal or climatic to accommodate casinos. Since 1988, the law in force allows tourist agglomerations of more than 500,000 inhabitants to have a casino. The sector is a pool of jobs: more than 18,000 people are employees of these establishments. These establishments belong to four groups: the Lucien Barrière group, the Partouche group, the Tranchant group and the Joa Groupe.

Rhône: Lyon the ancient

Decorated on the theme of ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh, the casino of Lyon, appears as a temple of the game. The Sphinx, idols, hieroglyphs, frescoes, everything is there to make you travel in time. On the game side, you’ll find, among other things, 259 slot machines, 6 Texas Hold’em Poker tables, in a separate space between machines and traditional games. Ideally located, the Pharaon is located on the banks of the Rhone next to the Tête d’Or Park which is well worth a detour passing: created by Denis Bühler, landscape architect, at the end of the 19th century, you will find a zoological, botanical part, a lake and a rose garden.

Calvados: Deauville the centenary

The casino Deauville is one of the most famous in France, and for a good reason: this magnificent building was erected in 1912 by Georges Wybo. Inside there is a play area with 365 slot machines and a table games room (black jack, poker, crap’s …), but also an eighteenth-century theatre inspired by the Petit Trianon of Versailles and a cinema digital. But the city is also famous for its Congress Palace, its racetracks, golf courses and marinas. And also its American Film Festival, every year early September.

Val d’Oise: Enghien-les-Bains the cultural

The only casino in Ile-de-France is also the first in France regarding revenue. Completely renovated in 2005, this building offers a superb view of Enghien Lake and its Swan Island. Inside you will find 500 slot machines and table games with exclusive lounges. You can also enjoy the theatre where artists and comedians perform (in February, Titoff, Marianne Faithfull, Natasha St Pier, Julien Courbet). But the casino is not the only building to see in Enghien; the city also has a church and castles of the nineteenth century.

Gironde: Bordeaux the maritime

Slightly away from the city centre, the Casino de Bordeaux offers many activities on the fringes of 300 slot machines and table games, such as themed evenings on Saturday evenings, shows (one-man-shows, concerts … ) within the casino theatre. You will also find restaurants that will allow you to discover the specialities of the Southwest. The opportunity also to go to the lake of Bordeaux near the casino, or to go to enjoy the festival of the Saint Michel district with its exhibitions, concerts and funfair.

Alpes-Maritimes: Cannes the superb

Not surprisingly, the Casino de la Croisette is a place at the height of the famous seaside on which it was built. The entrance is majestic with a giant aquarium in which swim sharks and exotic fish, framed by mermaids, caryatids and other murals. The games on offer are many and varied, poker machines and video rolls as well as English roulettes. This is, of course, the perfect opportunity to discover the famous Croisette and its hotels and luxury restaurants that host each year the Cannes Film Festival.

Roulette System And Its Strategies

Every single roulette framework is planned to improve your betting knowledge regardless of in the event that you apply it at a land based clubhouse or on the web. There isn’t a right response to the inquiry identified with the best roulette framework. As said before, roulette is an amusement in light of good fortune, so regardless of whether you apply an incredible methodology, you won’t not have the capacity to win any huge cash and the other way around. Very regularly, players got charming astonishments from Lady Luck and finish their roulette session with ground-breaking rewards. All things considered, players beat the roulette consistently yet, it stays among the most gainful recreations for clubhouse since the level of players win’s identity littler than the individuals who lose. That is the reason gambling clubs attempt to keep the data about the players who win and the individuals who lose secret. The primary target of each land-based gambling club is to identify the expert players previously they acquire excessively. There are additionally gambling clubs that endeavor at making the way toward winning more muddled by performing less twists of the wheel. In some cases, the merchant can likewise call “No more wagers” sooner than anticipated. In any case, these techniques are not very useful as less twists result is littler gambling club income. To the extent the roulette procedures are worried, there is a lot of data about every last one of them however nobody can give you a roulette framework that promises you extraordinary rewards each time you utilize it.


In spite of the fact that there is an incredible number of roulette techniques, when all is said in done, they can be ordered in two substantial gatherings. The principal assemble incorporates methodologies in view of a movement that is resolved once the result of the last turn is uncovered. At the end of the day, the wager changes as per the consequence of the last turn. With respect to the second gathering, it does exclude any difference in the wager. They continue as before regardless of if the last turn was a triumphant or losing one.
  1. Progression Strategy: The roulette frameworks in light of movement can likewise be arranged. The primary classification incorporates frameworks that expect you to twofold your wager after a misfortune. The other class incorporates frameworks that requires the player to twofold after a win. At whatever point a misfortune is enlisted the wagered isn’t expanded.
  2. No Progression Strategy: The positive or negative movement frameworks have their adversaries and defenders yet there are likewise frameworks that don’t include a movement. In this way, the wager stays level regardless of in the event that you have a triumphant or a losing streak. A standout amongst the most distinctive illustrations is the Masse Egale framework that requires the player to wager the same number of times as essential until the point when rewards are enlisted.