Is a Car Really Worth Buying?

Have you ever considered buying a car but something is always holding you back? Well, there could be a lot of reasons why people tend to hesitate. It might be that they can afford to buy one, but they think there’s a lot more worth investing their money for, or on the flip side, owning a car is one of their life’s desires but they lack the financial capacity.

Apparently, according to the survey conducted in 2015, there are an estimated 263.6 million registered vehicles (personal and public) in the United States. That is 88 percent of their population. Other highly developed countries such as in Europe also presented high percentage rates of individuals who own a vehicle. This could only mean that a car, especially in highly civilized places, is now considered as a necessity. Anyhow, the decision of buying a car is always up to the individual. One should know the pros and cons of having one by evaluating his or her current situational needs.

If you’re considering to buy a car but still unsure to pursue so, you might want to read further for the common reasons why people purchase a car. Off we go.

5 Common Reasons to Buy a Car

The ability to go wherever you like

Places always have their own forms of transportation to carry people from one place to another. It may be through a train, a bus, or a ride-sharing platform. However, public transportation such as these do have certain routes and schedules. You can’t just turn anywhere you want and stop by a store whenever you want to. A car, on the contrary, doesn’t have these kinds of boundaries. You can certainly go wherever you want at any time you prefer.

Out of town vacations

Whether it’s a vacation leave from your job or a family get together, having your own car to reach to your destination has always been convenient. Plain and bus tickets are quite expensive, and we don’t want to spend too much just on transportation alone. If you own a car, a budget for gasoline and for a few snacks would already be great enough for a long trip. Imagine how much money you can save!


One of the annoying parts of taking public transportation is that it’s not always on time. There are frequent instances that a bus or a train doesn’t arrive as scheduled. So no matter how early you are or if you’re rushing to your workplace to beat some deadlines, depending on public vehicles is a bad choice.

Safety and Comfort

Obvious it may seem, but passengers in a public vehicle are random strangers. You can’t trust anyone. If you fall asleep, bad things can possibly happen. Just like getting your things robbed, or worse, being publicly harassed. These unfortunate possibilities can be prevented if you have a personal vehicle.

Additionally, today’s vehicles are particularly designed for a safe and comfortable travel, even for long distances. Unlike public transportations, you’ll always have a slot for a seat and you’re way much safer in instances of traffic accidents.

Cars can adapt with you

Cars may not be living species, but they can adapt to your life. Let’s say you’re a student who doesn’t have a place to go home to, cars can definitely save you. Plenty of homeless students today who are even studying in top universities rely on their cars for a safe shelter. Even for married professionals, cars can adapt with their fast-paced lifestyle.